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CAZ.L is a mural and stencil artist born in East Berlin and a three-time finalist of the World Stencil Art Prize.

She travels the world to bring joy and beauty into people’s lives.

With her series, Stranger Among Strangers, Ann began her journey into Street Art 10 years ago, at night in the gloomy alleys of Berlin. 

Her colorful paintings and series, such as the refreshing City Pool and Fabulous Neighbors, have since brought magic to the streets and can be discovered as both small and large works on walls and in galleries in Europe and the USA.

Her mission is to conjure unexpected smiles through the harmonious interplay of color, light and shadow and to inspire peaceful coexistence through happiness in the neighborhoods.

She was awarded in competitions, including the Seaport Mural Project in NYC and was invited to join numerous Festivals worldwide, such as the Street Art Festival Pompeij in Italy, International Mural Competition Estepona in Spain, Autra Art Festival in Switzerland, and Artbase in Germany.

She is also the founder and creator of Salamidoggy, a street art project that has gained fans and lovers all over the world.

Ann celebrates brave creators of beauty and invites her spectators to keep hunting for hidden treasures.

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