​Under the tag CAZ.L, ann is discovering the streets as a playground for her art, appropriating urban architecture for her ever growing collection of playful animals and frost-free high divers.


The increasing sophistication and refinement of her stencil technique helped her reach the finals of the World Stencil Art Prize in Sydney 2014, 2016, 2017 and

The Kutz Stencil Art Awards 2016 in Bristol.

In a metal workshop CAZ.L has found ideal conditions to further develop her concepts, coarse and bulky materials have replaced paper as the canvas for her filigrane stencils, resulting in intense, large-format images.

In spring 2017 Ann decided to expand her artistic 

portfolio with larger images. For this she gets a license to drive lifting platforms.


In the same summer she painted her first wall of 18 m as a finalist in the International Mural Competition of Estepona/ Spain.

Then participated as a guest at several festivals, like Stilbruch17/ Berlin, AutraArtFestival/ Switzerland 

and reached the 1st places of the CallejeArte Contest in Fuerteventura/ Spain and F.A.R.T-M.U.R./ Spain.


contact: mail at caz-l.com

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