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(65x65, stencil on pvc)


To use a bird of prey wild animals for hunting, their will must be broken.

In Germany, 80,000 eagles, falcons, hawks and owls are kept in zoos, castle falconries and 1,500 private falconers. This birds spend their lives chained as a status symbol for their owners.


This cruelty is called ‚culture’ and has been entered by 18 countries on the UNESCO list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

NEWS 2021
19.-28.03. Stadtpiraten Ausstellung/ Berlin
08.04. Litfass_Goes_Urban_Art, Hackescher Markt/ Berlin. 
04 Barrio Gracia/ Barcelona
06 Northside Gallery/ Berlin
09 Street Art Festival Pompeij/ Italy
09 Stabiaestreet Festival/ Italy
10 IartMadonie/ Sizilien